Melbourne Network Outage resolved, 09/27/2018 12:56AM AEST Victoria

Notification history

09/27/2018 12:56AM AEST

08/19/2018 05:34PM AEST
Engineers are continuing to monitor and wait for a full service resolution notice from our third party provider before traffic is moved back to thge Primary path but services have now been stable for 48 hours without further interuptions of any type.
08/17/2018 05:35PM AEST
All traffic has been moved to a path with more capacity which has resolved the issue as of 1733hrs, customers should see all services return to normal.

Our engineers have been able to determine that due to our primary Sydney to Melbourne intercaptial link failing, our network redundancy moved traffic to an alternate path automatically, this alternate path then became congested resulting in a high amount of packet loss accross the path.

We have upgraded the capacity to this redundant path which has now eleviated the issue.

We will continue to work with the third party provider to determien the root cause of the failure and then to move traffic back to the primary path once we believe it is safe to do so.
08/17/2018 05:01PM AEST
The issue has been identified as a third party network issue, engineers are continuing to monitor the situation and have engaged the third party supplier for information.

Intermittant interuptions are continuing
08/17/2018 04:50PM AEST
Connectivity has been restored as of approximately 1650hrs, engineers are still investigating the root cause of thiss issue.
08/17/2018 04:44PM AEST
We are currently aware of an issue impacting our services within Victoria, engineers are presently investigating.