Dark Fibre Failure - Penrith resolved, 01/14/2019 02:37PM AEDT New South Wales

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01/14/2019 02:37PM AEDT

12/16/2018 11:30AM AEDT
Our third party network provider has repaired the fibre at St Peters and we are now seeing normal light levels on this service. VLAN's will slowly be migrated back to this primary service once our engineers are happy that everything is table and within specification
12/16/2018 08:43AM AEDT
The fibre issue is located at St Peters and the ETR is approximately 11:00 for the restoration of connectivity on the Primary Path
12/16/2018 06:05AM AEDT
Due to a third party fibre break, our Primary path to Equinix SYD01 from our Penrith network has failed.

all impacted traffic has been moved to a secondary wavelength path to Equinix SYD03..

A fault has been opened for investigation.with the third party network delivery partner