Route Processor Upgrade - NSW Core Network 03/19/2019 12:00AM AEDT - 03/19/2019 01:00AM AEDT

Simtronic Penrith (PEN01) Equinix ME1 (MEL01) Equinix SY1 (SYD01) Global Switch (SYD02) Equinix SY3 (SYD03) New South Wales

Maintenance details

Router Processor Upgrade - Equinix SY1

Engineers will be upgrading the router processor within an ASR1004 chassis in Equinix SY1. This outage is to restore capacity to a router which had a failed RP in early Feburary and which was downgraded to restore service.

This outage is expected to take approximately 15-30 mionutes with all routing stability to return within 35 minutes after route convergence has completed.

Due to the redundant nature of the network, this outage should not impact dual-homed customers but the disruption may impact International and Interstate connectivity due to the role this device has in our network.